Ocean Lotus 
Readings and Healings
 You Matter
            Feel Better 
about your life,  your decisions and yourself.

~ I offer readings to give you clarity, insight and direction.

~ I offer healings to help you hear your body, mind and spirit and to move them into alignment. 

~ I offer Messages from The Mother Language to reassure you of your connection to something holy and eternal.

~ I offer Medium Messages so you can reconnect with those who have passed.

~ I offer personal energy clearings and house clearings because the energy in and around you affects you, your mood and well-being daily.

I am here to help you 
know yourself, 
 be yourself, and love yourself. 

         You Are Sacred 
            I will honor You
My name is I Am the Ocean and I specialize in listening deeply to the needs and gifts of the soul, body, and mind of each person.  I connect to the often unseen and unheard aspects of the people who come to me and I give those aspects the sacred space to be seen, heard, acknowledged and healed.
 I am a Reiki Master  and Reiki Teacher, Sound Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient    Intuitive
and Shaman. 
 I have an academic background in Psychology, Creative Writing, and Holistic and Expressive Arts Therapies and Massage.  
 Over the years, through healing and spiritual experiences, it became clear I had my own style of healing to share and my own connection to the Divine.  
 It is these gifts that guide me to work personally and intuitively -- with each individual in a customized session.


Available in person
by Phone 
and  for travel
   I Am the Ocean